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Our DIY Wooden Mobile Bars

Our DIY Wooden Mobile Bars

Our DIY Wooden Mobile Bars

One of the things we are really proud of is the fact that all our bars are handmade and absolutely unique. We always say that at the beginning in order to keep the costs down we did many of our stationary and equipment ourselves.  However, our bespoke bars turned not only into a great selling point for our business but also a way to express our style.

In this blog, we would like to share with you step by step how we made our first two bars. After searching online for some useful tips and inspirations for the design of our new “baby”, we choose this model to guide us. However, we were aiming to design a unique bar which would differentiate us from our competitors so we didn’t really stick to this till the end.

Another key thing was that we were short on tools and we had to buy all instruments we needed. However, this was not an easy task as you have to know what kind of tools you will us before buying them. Well, what we did at the end was running to the nearest B&Q every time we were missing something.

The next important step was setting the right dimensions. Determining the size of the bar is crucial as it needs to  be good enough for spaces provided by wedding  and party venues. What is more, it has to fit within the bar stations that we already ordered.


The most exciting part of the bar making process was to choose the top. It had to be very solid and high quality surface as we would use it  constantly and put liquids on it. B&Q offers a wide range of oak worktops mainly for kitchen but they could work perfectly well for bars too. Here is the one we decided to go for:







The final touch of our new handmade bar was to varnish it all several times. The polish we used was “Dulux Trade Interior Polyurethane” especially for oak worktops and for more durability.





And here is the very  final result of our masterpiece. We hope you like it and if you have a similar experience with diy pallet bars please share your ideas with us.


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