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New Tools & Machines

New Tools & Machines

New Tools & Machines

One of the best things about the Zizzy Team is that we all have different expertise. Each of us is able to contribute in a unique way and this is what makes us such a great team. This blog will be devoted to the more technical aspect of our business. In other words, how did the boys connect the ice machine and what upgrades did they do in the garage in order to make space for the stock and all the equipment.

The list of heavy duty machines that we use for Zizzy is increasing dramatically. The latest tool we dispose of now is a brand new Hoshizaki ice machine.

It is an advanced design hygienic ice maker which produces strong long lasting cube shaped ice. Capable of 44kg output over a 24 hour period. Part of the innovative N series, Hoshizaki have made many improvements to reduce water consumption and efficiency. Includes a hygienic built-in storage bin with 18kg storage capacity as standard. In addition, it has the following specifications:

  • Foam injected polyurethane insulation for excellent ice preservation, reducing production cycles and saving energy/money
  • Designed with hygiene as a priority each cycle is made with fresh water, ensuring only the highest quality of ice produced to protect the integrity and flavour of your drinks
  • Removable door gasket prevents any heat and contaminants from entering the bin whilst making it easy to clean
  •   Easy to clean air filter allows users to carry out routine cleaning for extended longevity and reduced maintenance call-outs.


To choose the right type of ice size was not easy as well. The perfect ice cube needs to look good in a glass of whisky for example but at the same time has to be cost efficient for us   We decided to go for the middle size IM hard square cubes which we would recommend for any mobile bar business as it lasts longer than a normal ice.


We knew that the process of connecting the pipes and finding the best location for the machine will not be easy for us. However, as with everything else we do, w love challenges and risk. What is more, learning new skills and techniques has always best incentive for us to try something else. Clearly , we had to consult with a plumber who advised us on the following useful tools:


We were lucky that the consultation was free mainly because our garage is full of beer and ale which apparently plumbers just love. All the tool and copper pipe cost around £50 from Screw Fix. Overall, we managed to save our £250 from the installation of the ice machine. However, we have to confess it took us 2 days to make it work properly, but the pleasure of doing something yourself is just uncomparable.

The other low budget decision we made this week was making some spaces for the stock. Instead of buying new boxes for the alcohol we decided to invest in new shelves which will be suitable for all mixers, liquors and beers too.


FROM THIS                                                                                                                  TO THIS











To sum up, with these brilliant vintage shelves in our storage we managed to save additional £300 from installation and materials. At the same time, it will be much easier now to pick up what we need from the shelves when loading the van.

Overall, it was a very productive week for us and we are glad to say that all our dreams are coming true step by step.

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