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5 Reasons Why Hire Us

5 Reasons Why Hire Us

5 Reasons Why Hire Us

About Us

Zizzy Bar is a legally registered mobile bar hiring service that is available for hire in the East Anglia Area of England. We have a highly competent staff that is capable of spicing up and refining any event from a birthday, wedding, private party or anniversary to a professional corporate event or festival. We specialise in providing high-quality spirits and mixers, as well as cocktails. We do also sell original Cuban cigars and equally provide a range of drinks packages that will save you time and will be stress-free.






Why hire Zizzy?

Firstly, we do everything in a style and with a unique touch. From the arrangement of the bar to the professional cocktails we leave our hearts in every detail. We guarantee that you won’t find any other mobile bar with such an individual approach to every client and event.

Secondly, we have a very committed and dedicated team which works hard to ensure that all the guests at your event are well served. Just sit down, relax and enjoy your drink! We will be there to take care of your guests until your event comes to an end regardless of how many hours it might take.

Moreover, our bespoke and handmade bars are designed to suit the theme of each occasion.  We often allow the event organisers to decorate our bars to their taste. Yes! You can put colourful lights and flowers on the bar just the way you want it. With our services, you will make all your party fantasies come true!

Furthermore, we can always create unique menus to suit your occasion even though we have designed standard preset packages to save you time and efforts. You can include or exclude any drinks from the menu or you can request a special edition of a spirit for example.

But that’s not all! The services we offer are fairly affordable. Is there anything better than getting an exceptional quality service at the cheapest price you could ever imagine? Zizzy bar will give you a 5-star experience at prices far cheaper than those of the top catering services here in England.

Do you still need another reason to hire us?

Well, we would like to make the time you spent reading this blog really worth it!

If you book with us now, you will get a FREE VINTAGE SPECIAL EDITION CHAMPAGNE!

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